A notice was filed in federal court Thursday that Martha Shoffner, the former Arkansas treasurer, intended to change her plea of innocence in a case in which she’s accused of spending campaign money on personal expenses. She’d earlier been convicted of taking bribes from a securities dealer in return for state investments in bonds he sold. She’s been free pending completion of the other charges arising from the same investigation.

She’ll appear in federal court at 10 a.m. Monday. This would appear to be an indication she’s prepared to take sentencing for the multiple crimes. It comes after an election in which her misdeeds had been expected to be an issue. But, curiously, her acceptance of money from investors became an unexpected issue only in the race for 2nd District Congress. French Hill, the Republican winner, came under a spotlight for leading a bank that got big investments from Shoffner after he made campaign contributions to her. He won anyway over Pat Hays.