U.S. Sen.-elect Tom Cotton will have a telephone news conference today. The Arkansas Times will not be allowed to participate.

Campaign officials from U.S. Senator-Elect Tom Cotton’s campaign will hold a conference call this afternoon to review the Arkansas Senate race results and discuss the implications of the race.

Cotton’s campaign spokesman, pollster, and media consultant will all be on the line to discuss the election results.

Those who wish to join the call should email david@tomcotton.com to obtain the dial-in number. 

I wrote. No response. I called. David Ray, Cotton’s spokesman, said he would not provide me or anyone at the Times, including Benji Hardy and David Ramsey, the code to participate. “You guys have not acted in good faith.” He was not specific.


I’ve certainly been a persistent critic of Tom Cotton. I’m also accustomed to media freezes.  I’m sorry David and Benji suffer by their association. It’s not exactly the sort of fearlessness the Cotton campaign portrayed about the candidate.