Rumors persist that Gov. Mike Beebe, in addition to playing more golf, will go to work for his beloved alma mater, Arkansas State University after leaving office.

I asked Chuck Welch, president of the ASU System. His response:


That rumor has been circulating around the Capitol for several weeks, and I would certainly appreciate your assistance in clarifying that it is absolutely untrue. We have offered Governor Beebe an office area in our suite for when he is in Little Rock, but he will definitely not be in a paid position. He appreciated the office offer, but clarified that it should be space that was made available to other visitors as well, as he does not expect to be in our offices frequently.

We expect that Governor Beebe will assist in raising money for his alma mater, particularly for the newly announced Beebe Institute for Economic Development & Education, but he will not be in a personnel line and he will not be compensated. You can feel free to make an FOI request, but I can assure you now that no documents exist as we have never even discussed the possibility of him working for ASU.

Definitive enough for all you tipsters?