Talking Points Memo
, the Josh Marshall-led national political website, churned out a little feature today on a brief item here last week about the refusal of Tom Cotton’s communications man David Ray to allow anyone from the Arkansas Times to listen in on a conference call about the campaign’s media strategy and polling work.

Ironic note:


The TPM article describes me as a “liberal in a red state.” True.

But the article links to a 2007 article The New Republic did about my similarly ill-fated relationship with Gov. Mike Huckabee, then a presidential candidate. That article described Huckabee as being “a conservative Republican in a resolutely Democratic state.”



Congratulations to Tom Cotton. We met once and had a long chat. Smart guy. Our politics differed, then and now.


Talking Points Memo, by the way, didn’t have any more luck talking to David Ray than many other people do.