Sen. Michael Lamoureux, who’ll be chief of staff to Asa Hutchinson when he takes office in January, has resigned from the Senate. CORRECTION: I wrote incorrectly originally that his resignation was effective Nov. 14. It’s immediate. It’s a state public defender job that he’ll hold until Nov. 14.

Said Gov. Mike Beebe’s office


Governor Beebe will begin special-election proceedings on Wednesday by seeking political-party input on the preferred method of determining nominees.

I’d been trying to reach Lamoureux today. He was one of four people — governor, House speaker, Senate president and chief justice — with appointments to make within 30 days after Nov. 5 to the independent commission that will set pay for legislators, state officials and judges under Issue 3, approved by voters Nov. 4. Each person gets two appointees, except the chief justice gets one.

There is no other Senate president pro temp now. Sen. Jonathan Dismang is the designate to be seated when the new legislature convenes, unless Gary Stubblefield is successful in a planned change. But, in the meanwhile, Lamoureux was it. So there’s another question on the new amendment — who makes the Senate appointments if there is no official Senate president pro tempore?


A lawsuit is still pending that aims to keep Issue 3 from being certified.