There are a scattering of runoff elections today, with a couple of note.

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs is in a runoff with former city fire chief Randy Cox for the mayor’s post. It’s a non-partisan election, but Dabbs is continuing the Republican identification strategy she mounted four years ago when she claimed her legal name for ballot purposes was Republican Dabbs. Her running mate for city clerk, likewise claimed to be Republican Kizer. Both were elected and lots of controversy has ensued, from ethics complaints to a parade of finance directors.


Gov.-elect Asa Hutchinson has been robocalling for Dabbs. Her campaign Facebook page feaures many prominent Republicans. Her husband and Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer (the clerk’s now former husband) are Republican members of the Saline Quorum Court.

It gets kind of tangled down in Bryant. Dabbs is going all out because Republican Kizer McKim, her partner in name changes in 2010, got beat Nov. 4. Strong feelings on both sides.


There’s a runoff for Fayetteville council worth watching. Incumbent Adella Gray, a retired educator with a long record of service, is taking on a Fayetteville newcomer, Paul Phaneuf. He’s a teabagger and wrote a satirical article that has drawn wide scorn, as outlined in the Fayetteville Flyer. Gray voted for the Fayetteville civil rights ordinance, referred to a vote Dec. 9. Phaneuf has railed against it. And anything else that smacks of progressive politics. He led a three-way primary, though the third candidate was viewed as a progressive, too, so there’s hope Gray will survive. Phaneuf has received $4,000 from the Duggars, anti-gay reality show characters.

UPDATE: The early vote had good news and bad news depending on your point of view.


BRYANT — Dabbs led Cox 57-42.

FAYETTEVILLE — Gray led Pahneful 61-39.

If I could only win one, bit would be Fayetteville.

UPDATE: Gray wins with 54 percent. Per Fayetteville Flyer.

UPDATE: Dabbs won, roughly 52-48. Her victory statement didn’t congratulate her opponent.