I asked Gov. Mike Beebe’s office today about the status of Public Service Commission Chairman Colette Honorable, whose nomination to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was confirmed by the Senate before the Christmas recess. I also asked Honorable herself in an e-mail.

The only response I got came from Matt DeCample, the governor’s spokesman:


The feds have asked Colette to hold off on her resignation until processing of her FERC appointment is complete. She will turn in her letter and the governor will appoint someone to fill the vacancy as soon as we get word from Washington.

Will that occur before Beebe leaves office the morning of Jan. 12? Don’t know. The Obama administration is aware of the ticking clock, however.

I inquired about the situation because of circulating rumors that Beebe would not make this appointment, but leave it to Hutchinson. Hutchinson has an appointment to the PSC coming immediately. Butch Reeves’ six-year term expires Jan. 15. Honorable’s term runs through 2017. The other commissioner, Elana Wills, serves through 2019. All are Beebe appointees, though Reeves was initially appointed by Mike Huckabee.


UPDATE: Honorable got back to me. She said, “I’m still at the PSC. I will get sworn in when my paperwork arrives.”