The Huckabee “book” outtakes are piling up
along with derogatory commentary for his pop culture insights.

I do wonder how long and closely he stared at how big a TV to come up with this assessment of Miley Cyrus, as related by CNN (roll tape yourself above):


He describes Cyrus’ 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance as one in which she “contorted her barely-clad, barely legal-age body in a disgustingly pornographic performance that showed just about everything she had —- except talent —- and focused national attention on a new term, ‘twerking,’ which describes a vulgar movement better saved for a stripper pole than prime-time television.”

When did Mike Huckabee have occasion to learn how stripper poles were employed?

Huckabee also discloses he had a Boy Scout leader who molested boys — not that he’s saying all gay people are pedophiles, mind you.