The U.S. Supreme Court isn’t ready to take up the differences in circuit court rulings on same-sex marriage (all in favor so far except the 6th Circuit.) 

It today also declined an appeal of a lower court ruling against same-sex marriage by a Louisiana district judge until the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals rules on the case. Based on press coverage, two members of the three-judge panel that heard the Louisiana case seem inclined to overturn the decision against marriage equality.


I wonder: Could the Supreme Court have decided to hold its ruling until ALL Circuit Courts have spoken? An Arkansas case could be the 8th Circuit’s answer.

Meanwhile, what of that other Supreme Court, the Arkansas Supreme Court? It has been almost two months since its case was submitted after oral arguments held on an expedited basis Nov. 19. The case was supposed to have been discussed at the Supreme Court’s first conference last week after the Christmas break. Conference proceedings are confidential.


New Justice Robin Wynne has replaced retired Justice Donald Corbin as one of the votes on the pending case. Retired Judge Robert McCorkindale, appointed as a special justice on the case after then-Justice Cliff Hoofman recused, remains on the case, at least so far as is known. Hoofman’s seat on the court was taken Jan. 1 by Rhonda Wood.