Rogers City Attorney Ben Lipscomb couldn’t get federal Judge Timothy Brooks to issue a preliminary injunction this morning to give him his elected duties back. The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has details, but I think it’s limited to subscribers.

The fight continues and grows more convoluted.

Lipscomb has had a variety of troubles, including trying to use a credential to get special treatment at a rock concert. His relationship with Mayor Greg Hines has deteriorated to the point that he’s been stripped of most meaningful duties of the city attorney’s office, a job he was nominally elected to do.

He’s sued. Intervenors have raised new issues about his residency — outside Rogers they claim — and also statutory matters that indicate his term of office ended Dec. 31. Brooks said he was a little uncomfortable getting into interpretation of state law, a matter better suited for state courts.


Brooks urged a settlement conference. Lipscomb’s retirement is one obvious settlement, though it doesn’t sound like he’s willing to negotiate that point.