I wrote yesterday about the lobbyist registration of Gilbert Baker and Linda Leigh Flanagin, among the cast of characters in the Mike Maggio contributions-for-nursing-home-justice scandal.

I noted that Baker’s new lobbying firm listed the same Capitol Avenue address as that of another Republican lobby group, Capitol Advisors, whose members include Bill Vickery, former Rep. John Burris and Mitchell Lowe.

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Please note for the record that Baker’s firm submitted a change of address today: To a postoffice box. Kind of hard to find one big enough for a desk, chair and phone. But Baker is a slippery cuss.

I’ve also been informed that, while Baker once occupied the space now rented by Capitol Advisors, he no longer is a tenant.


Sounds like Baker might have been creative in form completion, as some Conway people have said was the case in how their names came to turn up — without their knowledge — as officers of PACs Baker helped set up to funnel nursing home money into Maggio’s campaign for Court of Appeals.

Baker didn’t return a call.