The city of Little Rock issued an order today banning Luke Skrable, a long-time city critic, from all city buildings.

The letter, written by City Attorney Tom Carpenter at the city manager’s instruction, says it was prompted by threatening voice mail left at public works, a threatening e-mail sent to the city manager and Skrable’s behavior at a board meeting last week.


Skrable was arrested last week for sending a threatening note to City Manager Bruce Moore and a judge ordered him not to make contact with the city manager. He had sent a note to Moore says his “days were numbered.” He told Channel 7 later that he only meant his days as city manager were numbered.

Skrable appears regularly at city board meetings to complain about city services. He was barred from speaking last week and that set him off. He was escorted from the meeting. He peppers city officials with e-mails and FOI requests.


The letter to Skrable says he has 1st Amendment rights and may continue to send e-mail and regular mail to city officials. It also says he is not banned from use of parks or emergency services. The letter said he is free to attempt to contact public officials, but urges that he do so by e-mail and that he send e-mails to the general city account, not individual accounts. It said he’d be subject to arrest if he enters city buildings.  The ban is in effect until further notice and at least as long as he is under a judge’s no-contact order with a city official. The letter said he could appeal the ban to the mayor and city directors, but a response would be left to their discretion.

Ten years ago, Skrable’s rabble rousing about Southwest Little Rock drew David Koon’s attention for us.