Arkansas weather alarmists ought to appreciate this report from the Gothamist, which covers New York city’s preparation for a giant snow storm.

We may never be able to leave our apartments again once this blizzard starts dumping all its cloud excrement on us. Supplies will run out, the whiskey well will run dry and seasons one through three of Jem and the Holograms will expire from Netflix, leaving us hungry, sober and alone.

But New Yorkers are already out to save themselves from this truly outrageous fate by forming what are known as “lines” outside food-distribution establishments. Apparently one waits on these “lines” to be given access to a “grocery store” where one can procure “food” to weather this “historic storm.” It all started last night:

The tongue in cheek here represents, I think, the fact that many people in New York don’t go to grocery stores. They order stuff online and it’s delivered. But when snowpocalypse threatens ….