Little Rock, already worried about the potential lost of MacArthur Park tenant the Arkansas Arts Center, has a park tenant that isn’t nearly so welcome.

Canada geese.


Said a city release:

Due to a large number of Canada Geese making their home in and around MacArthur Museum and Park, officials will erect a small barrier around the pond to deter the birds. The MacPark Group, a volunteer fundraising support group for the park, along with other citizens, have expressed a health concern with the numerous amount of geese droppings in the park over the last several years.

The barrier method has proven successful in other states such as Michigan and in preliminary research conducted by Little Rock Parks and Recreation staff. This humane option will effectively deter the birds from returning, thus resulting in a cleaner park and pond.

Once the birds experience the barrier, it’s expected that the geese population will abandon the area. This option is not expected to interrupt those who fish in the pond, except for occasional snags. Once geese leave, Little Rock Parks and Recreation staff will remove the barrier. If the number of geese returns to a nuisance level, the barrier solution will be repeated.

City of Little Rock staff will install the barrier on Wednesday, Feb. 4.