Arkansas Department of Finance Administration officials report no problems with the popular Turbotax income tax software, as has been reported in other states, but issued this advisory today:

The Department of Finance and Administration(DFA) announced today that taxpayers in other states are experiencing a problem when they attempt to use TurboTax to file their 2014 state income tax returns.. Those taxpayers are receiving a message that a 2014 state tax return has already been filed for them when they have, in fact, not filed. DFA has not received any calls from taxpayers reporting this problem for Arkansas nor has any other indication of fraudulent returns been identified with regard to Arkansas income tax returns filed through TurboTax. Out of an abundance of caution DFA has isolated approximately 7,500 2014 state income tax returns filed through TurboTax. Each of these returns will be individually reviewed to ensure that the refund request is legitimate. If a problem is identified, the affected taxpayer will be contacted. Tax returns filed through means other than TurboTax will be processed in accordance with DFA’s regular business practices.