Gov. Asa Hutchinson named leaders of three state agencies today.

* ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Becky Keogh will take over for an interim director who succeeded Teresa Marks. A former deputy director of the department, she recently has been regulatory and environment manager for BHP Billiton, the energy giant, in Houston. Hutchinson noted her experience as both a regulator and industry veteran.

* DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS: Lt. Col. Matt Snead will be director. Cissy Rucker had served through the end of the Beebe era. He is state public affairs director for the Arkansas National Guard and will continue his guard service.

* SECURITIES DEPARTMENT: B. Edmond Waters succeeds Heath Abshure, who was not asked to stay on. He was a branch manager for A.G. Edwards, the brokerage firm, in Florida and worked before that for himself in Helena-West Helena. He is a graduate of UALR.