The pace of free feeding of legislators slows on Thursday because many began ambling toward home in the afternoon. Neither chamber is scheduled to convene Friday, though a few House committees have abbreviated sessions and thus earn the per diem that all will be paid for Friday whether they are in town or not.

But, yes, some free food is available at “scheduled activities” of the legislature, the loophole through which free hog slopping has continued despite Amendment 94’s ban on gifts by lobbyists to legislators.


Today’s “scheduled activities,” all open under the Arkansas Constitution as meetings of the General Assembly: 

BREAKFAST: 7:30-9 am. Capitol Hill Building, Developmental Disabilities Provider Association


LUNCH: 11:30-1 p.m., Capitol Hill Apartments, Dumas Chamber of Commerce

LUNCH: 11:30-1 p.m., Capitol Square Apartments, #13, nursing home lobby (Arkansas Health Care Association.)


Some UALR law students reported to me yesterday that they have plans for a series of  “Article 5” meetups at some of these events, named for the constitutional provision requiring open meetings of the legislature. They dropped by a lunch yesterday. There, they said, hosts grumpily acceded to their presence. It’s a nice idea to watch the legislature at work and play What’s to hide?