I wrote yesterday of the plan
by Sen. Eddie Joe Williams and others to scuttle joint rules that would require a two-thirds vote to extract a proposed constitutional amendment from an unfriendly committee to the floor of the Senate or House. This is to negate the Democrats’ effective control of the committee that approves constitutional amendments. These would include several pending measures aimed at crippling the ability to file productive damage lawsuits against nursing homes and other corporations represented by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.

Blue Hog Report writes further on the trickery and says a Senate vote to recall the joint rules already approved there could occur this morning.

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Nursing homes apparently believe $250,000 is enough to pay for abuse and neglect of the sick and elderly. Blue Hog provides some links to some cases that might make you conclude — as a Faulkner County jury did unanimously — that that wasn’t nearly enough for a Michael Morton nursing home’s failure to send a terminally ill woman in excruciating pain to the hospital. Fortunately for Morton, a judge richly financed by Morton’s campaign contributions reduced the tab from $5.2 million to a mere $1 million. Still too rich for Morton’s blood, apparently.

He and other nursing homes are working this angle at daily free lunches and cocktail parties held in complete disdain for Amendment 94’s ban on spending by lobbyists on legislators except at “scheduled activites.” The nursing homes have evented the daily free swillathony in a Capitol Hill apartment hideaway. Blue Hog notes the handy sign to lead hungry legislators to the trough.