I’d ask AETN what happened to knock out its signal just in time for “Downton Abbey” last night, but the public TV network in Conway is closed today on account of weather. The website currently contains no information about the outage or rebroadcast plans for missed shows. A telephone recording does say ice on the antenna had disrupted the AETN signal.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

A reader says perhaps my problem was my cable provider, Comcast. Though a reader off that grid also had a disrupted show. I’m working on it. But I do know AETN reports trouble with its signal. And I do know every other channel on Comcast was working last night except AETN.

A happy U-verse customer says his signal was fine.


UPDATE: I did hear from AETN leader Allen Weatherly:

There is ice on the KETS antenna on the Redfield tower that has disrupted the signal. Until it warms it may be that way for awhile. The info will be on AETN’s social media (or should be if we get folks in) and our website. Unfortunately it happened on Downton Abbey night.

Part of the smoke and mirrors aspect of a perpetually underfunded technical infrastructure.