The line is open and our daily video is up. The rest of Arkansas watches the skies for a potential early March bout of ice and snow.

But on the national scene:


* HOMELAND SECURITY: The House GOP leadership gave up using the Homeland Security budget to sabotage President Obama’s immigration plan. A bipartisan vote — 75 Republicans and all the Democrats. None of the Arkansas House Republicans were among the 75 voting to fully fund the Department.

* FERGUSON POLICE: The Justice Department has concluded that Ferguson, Mo., police have long engaged in racially baised policing.


In 88% of cases in which Ferguson police documented the use of force, that force was used against African Americans, according to the official who is not authorized to comment publicly. In addition, in all 14 canine bite incidents in which the suspect’s race is known, the person bitten was African American.

African-Americans account for 67% of the population in Ferguson, but they accounted for 85% of the drivers stopped by police, 90% of the people issued tickets and 93% of the people arrested, a three-year examination of suspect stops found.

African Americans were more than twice as likely than white drivers to be searched during vehicle stops, but 26% less like to have contraband, the review found.

* HILLARY’S EMAIL: That scandalous story about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using a personal email account rather than a government account in violation of “regulations.” What if you were told the regulations didn’t exist until after she left the job? Michael Tomasky points out that and other holes in the Times’ reporting (while not exonerating her of the question of whether a better practice, rule or no rule, would be to be wholly transparent in a government account.) I’ve had to laugh at Arkansas Republicans who’ve worked for Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin, who likewise hides HIS correspondence on private accounts, jumping on the bash Hillary bandwagon.

* TROUBLE IN SEARCY: KATV and others reporting on an ATF execution of a search warrant of the home of Searcy Police Chief Jeremy Clark; his comment to a station that there’d been an arson at his grandmother’s house, but he had nothing to do with it, and, late this afternoon, a reporte he’d resigned. Hmmmm.