The U.S. Supreme Court has set oral arguments for April 28 on the momentous case to decide whether marriage equality will come to the 12 states, including Arkansas, not yet covered by equality laws or court rulings. (Make it 13, since Alabama courts have declared themselves supreme to federal courts.)

Reuters notes that 379 business and groups — including many of the country’s biggest and most storied businesses — have joined friend of the court briefs in support of equality.

Where’s Mark Darr? Perhaps Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge can follow in his Obamacare footsteps and cobble up a friend of the court filing to oppose equality, in keeping with the wishes of Bart Hester, Jason Rapert and them.

The Arkansas challenge to same-sex marriage bans is on appeal at the Arkansas Supreme Court, where it seems likely remain buried until the U.S. Supreme Court rules, and at the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. Both state and federal judges have held the Arkansas ban unconstitutional.