The line is open. With a look-who-s-talking word about Mike Huckabee, Huckstering today on Fox News. He could not resist jumping into the Hillary Clinton e-mail matter, despite his own exposure on secrecy issues.

* HARD DRIVE HUCK: I suspect the Huckster and the people in his administration used private e-mail accounts while he was governor. I can’t say for certain. But I can say for certain that Huckabee threw a total veil of secrecy over everything connected to the governor’s office, from papers to e-mails. He took everything with him when he left, under the protectorate of bulldog chief of staff Brenda Turner. He also famously destroyed computer hard drives, to make SURE nothing was reconstructed (one significant difference from the Clinton State Department records, which she’s turned over.)


Huckabee even famously tried to throw his protective net OUTSIDE his office, to the Parole Board, after one of his appointees got caught e-mailing racist and sexist stuff. He fought a lawsuit seeking to disgorge the records until he left office, when Mike Beebe gave up on the losing lawsuit.

Sayeth the Huckster today:


Should Hillary Clinton decide to make another run for president, as expected, Huckabee predicted, the email controversy will stick with her.

“Once this shadow of a doubt has been placed, I think it’s going to linger throughout a presidential campaign, should she decide to run,” he said.

And the hard drives and the gubernatorial records and the naughty parole board appointee? Ancient history

More truthful was this comment:


“I think anybody who’s ever been in politics would love to keep a lot of things quiet,” he said. “People want the candor of conversation.”

He ought to know.