You need a laugh don’t you? I know I do. It’s dark humor in that it’s rooted in awful facts, but I still recommend a couple of blog posts by Esquire’s Charles Pierce on Tom Cotton.

* BUSH ERASED: Here you have how Tom Cotton has erased all the made-up reasons George Bush and Dick Cheney came up with to go to war in Iraq.


It may have eluded you as you watched Cotton lose to coherence two out of three falls, but he managed to dump a whole lot of stuff down the ol’ memory hole.

“Israel struck Iraq’s nuclear program in 1981 and they didn’t reconstitute it…”

Wait. What? What about the aluminum tubes? The yellowcake from Niger? The smoking gun that cannot be a mushroom cloud? What about Condi Rice? Was Judy Miller’s martyrdom in vain? Was it even necessary to have ruined Valerie Plame’s career? Damn, Tom, where were you when we needed you?

* ARKANSAS UBER ALLES: Here you have how 478,000 Arkansans took over U.S. foreign policy by electing Tall Talking Tom Cotton.


 It long has been acceptable on the respectable American right to call this president practically anything. It now is acceptable on the respectable American right to do anything to thwart his ability to conduct his office. A twice-elected president must bow to the uneducated whims of the representative of 478,819 Arkansans. We have fallen through the looking glass and left it far behind.