Browsing through the last-day legislative filings is dispiriting, as i’ve said before. 

What does Sen. Linda Collins-Smith have in mind with her shell bill about the U.S. history courses taught in public schools? I think we can guess. More American exceptionalism. Less on inconvenient facts.

Rep. Mary Bentley, on the other hand, is quite clear that she wants to block state adoption of “next generation science standards.” 

And all these alcohol bills (Sen. Jon Woods is particularly prolific.) You’d think we’d finally done something about pre-K education and now had time to move on to less important concerns.


David Meeks wants to eliminate daylight saving time.

Rep. Micah Neal, who runs a restaurant in Springdale, wants to stop the release of hamburger tax records that reflect sales at restaurants.


And on and on it goes.

Corrections: thanks to Cato for daylight saving (no s) time. And why in the world did Micah Neal conjure up the name Jerry? Probably after the legendary Gazette editorial writer Jerry Neil.