Deathstar Bart Hester is at it again. AP reports he’ll propose a 1 to 2 percent cut in higher education spending, where Gov. Asa Hutchinson has proposed a flat expenditure. 

Hester — a Republican senator who’s also working this session to discriminate against gays, wreck city zoning, get a tax break for his billboard properties, defeat protections for renters, strip local control of certain public schools and who knows what all — says he might spend the money — as much as $14 million — on pre-K or more tax cuts. Which do you bet is more likely?


Hester has been ticked at the University of Arkansas ever since Chancellor David Gearhart noted that the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce had dishonestly suggested he was among those at the chamber who wanted to repeal the city civil rights ordinance that added sexual minorities to the groups protected. Hester has passed a bill — probably unconstitutional — to prohibit any other cities from doing such a thing.