The Arkansas Citizens First Congress and Public Policy Panel will be delivering their petition against HB 1228 to Gov. Asa Hutchinson tomorrow at noon.

They’ll be joined by Human Rights Campaign and are inviting anyone and everyone to join them at the Capitol for the delivery of the petition and a continuation of the past few days of rallies. HB 1228 is now on the governor’s desk, but while he’s indicated in the past that he intends to sign the bill, the firestorm of criticism over the measure (and a similar law passed in Indiana) may have changed the equation someone. He’s rumored to be seeking a compromise of some kind

They say they’ve collected over 4,000 signatures from Arkansans since last Friday and are hoping that more will sign on between now and noon tomorrow:


Join the Citizens First Congress & the Arkansas Public Policy Panel to Oppose HB1228

Wednesday, April 1 at 12:15 in the Old Supreme Courtroom

More than 4,000 Arkansans joined the Panel and CFC in opposition to HB1228, signing a letter calling for Gov. Hutchinson to veto the bill. More people are still signing this petition at

HB1228 is on its way to Governor Hutchinson’s desk despite a huge outpouring of public opposition, both from Arkansans and leaders across the country.

Proponents of the bill say it is like the federal RFRA, but this is simply not true. On Wednesday a legal scholar will debunk the argument, and explain why Arkansas’ RFRA goes far beyond protecting religious liberty, into the realm of discrimination.

We will also hear from religious leaders and veterans of the civil rights movement about how HB1228 will affect all Arkansans, and could return us to our state’s darkest days of discrimination.

Please join a coalition of Arkansas grassroots groups at the Capitol on Wednesday at noon, when we will present the letter and show the nation that hatred, intolerance and bigotry are not Arkansas values.