A freshman senator from Jonesboro has bragged to the Jonesboro Sun (subscription required) that he was going to carry Sen. Joyce Elliott’s SB 212 so that he could kill it. “It’s retribution,” Republican Rep. Brandt Smith told the Sun, for Elliott’s asking for a roll-call vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on his bill, HB 1474.

Smith’s bill is a cookie-cutter American Laws for American Courts bill that, though it doesn’t say so plainly, has been crafted by paranoid right-wingers (read Republican) who believe that Muslims are infiltrating the courts with sharia law. The bill passed Senate Judiciary Monday on a voice vote, Smith told the Sun, but failed on the role call. 

So, see, Elliott was the agent that kept his bill from passing out of committee. Note the no votes, but Elliott’s request for a roll call.

Despite’s Smith’s promise to kill the SB 212, an education bill, it got a do pass from the House committee today and passed the House (the vote has not yet been posted). He did not run it but gave it to Rep. Matthew Shepherd of El Dorado to run. Elliott said today she believed the Sun article helped her bill pass. 


It passed the Senate unanimously, with Sen. Stephanie Flowers, D-Pine Bluff, voting present, on March 24.

From the Sun: 


“(Elliott) needs to know we may be first-term legislators, but we know about bit about what’s going on and how things work.”

From Elliott: 

It’s disheartening that he thinks this is OK behavior.