Gov. Asa Hutchinson will hold a press conference to discuss a so-called “religious freedom” bill at 10:30 a.m. today. 

Many have called for him to veto HB 1228, including Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and the top two executives at Acxiom. Hutchinson has repeatedly said he will sign the bill, though he was exploring a compromise with Democrats yesterday that would add clarification saying the bill would not authorize discrimination or make it lawful to discriminate. Even though HB 1228 already passed by both chambers, a separate shell bill (i.e. a bill filed without substantive provision) could be amended to add anti-discrimination provisions

Another thing to keep in mind is, even if Hutchinson does veto HB 1228, it only takes a simple majority of legislators to override a veto. And, of course, Republicans control large majorities in each chamber. The bill originally passed 72-20 in the House and 24-7 in the Senate.  

The Human Rights Campaign will host a rally at the state Capitol at 12:45 p.m. with HRC president Chad Griffin, Acxiom’s chief legal officer Jerry Jones and other.