David Koon sat down yesterday with UALR Law Professor John DiPippa to talk in an Arkansas Times Asks segment about the compromise “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” adopted in a hurryup effort this week by the Arkansas legislature.

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He talks about the roots of such laws and says, as he told the legislature, that while the compromise improved the original form of the bill it wasn’t a fix for those fearful that the bill could be used to discriminate against people on, for example, grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. It leaves open the door to a public official refusing to issue a marriage license, for example.

I’m sorry I couldn’t add my question to the mix: Does this law not open the door to religious challenges of all manner of government regulation? I’m reminded of the follower of a Caribbean religion who contested a Florida ordinance that prevented him from ritual sacrifice of chickens because of bars to keeping and slaughtering livestock in a city.