I eagerly picked up the morning Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for reporting on allegations that Little Rock School Superintendent Dexter Suggs plagiarized his doctoral dissertation.

Still nothing on another of Blue Hog Report’s exposes, elaborated on yesterday by KATV. Maybe tomorrow.

At least the editorial page wasn’t on the defense for Suggs yet. It was busy praising Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s appointment of a homophobic Republican judge, Shawn Womack, and a campaign supporter of Republican Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, former Republican candidate Betty Dickey, to rule on Rutledge’s request for a new round of arguments and different judges on a matter related to the question of whether same-sex couples may marry.
The DOG editorialist says this is solid judgment.  That same department has praised the leadership of Dexter Suggs, too.

PS on Suggs: I’ve been hearing  his comments and some reporting that seem to suggest if he had permission to quote from the authors (which at least one says he did not) copied verbatim without credit that this is somehow OK. No, it is not. To present words of others as your own in text — without paraphrase, footnote, in-copy citation or in quotes — is plagiarism.


Indiana Wesleyan, which awarded Suggs his doctorate, has told KATV it is aware of the allegation and will review. Meanwhile, this is form the Indiana Wesleyan policy guide on plagiarism:

Suggs says he didn’t plagiarize in his brief encounters with reporters. But his dissertation includes verbatim passages found in earlier papers and the author of one of them said he had sought no approval from her (though, as I’ve noted, her approval to quote passages wouldn’t relieve him of the responsibility of making clear that the words were not his own and crediting the author.)