Gov. Asa Hutchinson today said he supports reinstating a 180-day moratorium on new permits for medium and large-scale animal feeding operations in the Buffalo River watershed. His statement:

“I think the public will understand the need to reinstate a 180-day moratorium on issuing permits for medium to large scale animal-feeding operations in the Buffalo River watershed to allow proposed rulemaking process to be completed. In addition, a five-year sunset clause for rulemaking is appropriate and will provide a needed deadline for action. This way, there is time for the University of Arkansas to complete its independent study to determine any impact of current feeding operations on the watershed.

“Science and facts will drive our future decisions. In the meantime, we’ll do everything we can to protect the watershed while the facts are collected.”

I don’t think any permit applications are pending and this won’t affect the already permitted C and H Hog Farm at Mount Judea.