Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Wally Hall wrote Tuesday about Bruce Jenner’s interview about being transgender.

Hall wasn’t impressed. And the Stonewall Democrats weren’t impressed by Hall.


Hall’s column is behind the Democrat-Gazette’s soft pay wall. You can answer a question and see it if you haven’t been a regular visitor in recent days. It’s headlined: ‘Bruce’ is her name; greediness is his game.

Hall indicates he didn’t much like Jenner when he was an Olympic decathlete — “aloof, arrogant and almost scandalous” for seeking commercial endorsements. Things haven’t improved in Hall’s view.


Other than the looks, he seemed the same on ABC last Friday night when he told the nation he was a woman.

Looking at Diane Sawyer and facing the world, he looked like a guy who had too much surgery and needed something to introduce his new reality show.

According to him, he had had some sort of feeling since he was 6 years old that he was the wrong sex , which might have been a surprise to his six children.

Even in these liberal times it might be uncomfortable for a child to introduce a woman as their dad.

Hall concluded:

He also reiterated the interview was not a publicity stunt, but yes, he does have his reality show coming.

Mostly what it seemed like was an over-the-hill jock with a lot of business sense trying to cash in on his name, and maybe that’s why he still refers to himself as “Bruce.”

If Bruce Jenner wanted to be a woman it was no one’s business but his, until he went on national TV and out-Kardashianed the Kardashians.

Barb Mariani, vice president of the Stonewall Democrats, responded with this statement:


“The Stonewall Democrats are appalled by Wally Hall’s column in today’s paper, and the demeaning words he used in discussing Bruce Jenner’s interview. “Mr. Hall clearly has no understanding of the agony felt by those who feel trapped in the wrong body. Mr. Hall’s attitude perpetuates discrimination against members of a community who suffer from discrimination in more ways than most. Violence against members of the transgender community is commonplace, as is both underemployment and unemployment. Medical services are lacking. We urge Mr. Hall to visit with some members of the local transgender community. We will be glad to arrange a meeting.”

I sent Hall an email asking for a response. No word so far.

UPDATE: Hall’s response:

My column was not about gender orientation. It was about an ex jock using his name and ancient fame to gain attention for himself and eventually his reality show which will bring him more money.