Mike Huckabee is expected to announce for president Tuesday in Hope and he’s already thumping the tub through a 527 political organization created in mid-March, the Prosperity for All Fund. It’s so new that no filings are yet at hand that would disclose who contributed money. Only the IRS organizational filing, with familiar Huckabee family and friends as directors, is available.

A 527 has no limit on contributions and, though they are clearly intended to elect a specific candidate, they avoid some strictures in the law by not expressly advocating election of a candidate. Periodic campaign filings are required.

Here’s you’ll see that Huckabee’s old flack, Rex Nelson, is honking the horn again for his former boss. And Huckabee is again claiming — dishonestly — that he cut taxes. The Club for Growth is prepared to give chapter and verse of his actual record as a tax-and-sender. He’s also, you’ll see, running against the Clinton machine. We and others have written that his critical first election had nothing to do with the Clintons, then occupied as new residents of the White House.

(You will not be alone if you don’t recognize the fine distinctions of law and believe this is an ad for Mike Huckabee for president, which of course it is.)