As noted here before, Mike Huckabee‘s special knack for turning political attention into wealth for himself includes shilling for dubious products and selling sponsored ad space to disreputable sorts in emails sent to supporters. 

Huckabee was questioned by CNN about the practice of spamming his own supporters in order to grab some extra cash for himself. 

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee defended renting out his email list to a group selling hidden cures for cancer embedded in Bible verses, saying it was no different than CNN allowing advertisers for catheters or adult diapers to air alongside programming.

“My gosh, that’s like saying, ‘You run some ads on CNN. Do you personally agree with all the ads that run on CNN?’ Huckabee said Wednesday to CNN’s Jake Tapper on The Lead.

Huckabee has sent emails to supporters (with information about it being sponsored content in the fine print, natch) pushing sketchy advice to purchase individual stocks, medical quacks claiming dubious disease cures, miracle cures for cancer hidden in the Bible, fraudulent financial firms, survivalist companies asking for money to help people deal with being “herded into FEMA camps” or selling food kits for the coming food shortage. He’s also done infomercials for what appeared to be a scam “diabetes solution kit.” 

So we will leave it to readers to decide whether this is more or less the same thing as commercials for adult diapers airing on a network. But the really galling thing here is that Huckabee is scamming and spamming his own supporters. The folks on his email list might have already devoted time and money because they believed in Huckabee’s political message. Now, in order to enrich himself, he’s bleeding them for more. It’s outrageous.


Huckabee is only one of the most flagrant of the conservative celebrities using their status to hustle their own fans. Right-wing blogger Erick Erickson has called this kind of hucksterism “a plague on conservatives.” If you want to get really mad, think about the fact that much of Huckabee’s base is made up of older voters. Internet scammers know that seniors often make the best marks.