Lots of rumors have been floating about a potential legislative special session to be called by Gov. Asa Hutchinson later this month. The session would convene just after Memorial Day, when the legislature would take up a proposed economic development project (I think I hear Max somewhere across the ocean saying, “ahem, corporate welfare”). 

One legislator called it the “best-kept open secret this year.” 

Multiple sources have told me that the project will be defense-related. If the federal Department of Defense is the major client of this company, I’ll just point out that Hutchinson will be pitching an idea to help the state’s economy via pouring in federal dollars (which would be federal deficit spending). Kind of like…the private option, the state’s version of Medicaid expansion currently under evaluation by a legislative task force. 

The D-G’s Mike Wickline tweeted that Hutchinson said he will reveal more information on Monday.  


UPDATE: I’ve gotten enough confirmation at this point that I can say that the rumors are almost certainly true and that the project is defense-related.

UPDATE 2: The proposed location is rumored to be in Camden.