UPDATE: The final results show essentially the same ratios as did the early vote. 2,352 for the millage and 7,206 against. 

I think a millage increase for the Pulaski County Special School District is not in the works this year. Early voting from the county shows voters turning 3-to-1 against the proposed 5.6 mill hike in property tax.


I’ll update this post later when the county election commission releases more numbers.

PCCSSD always faced an uphill climb in getting voters to approve a millage increase, given the uncertainty about the district’s future. Jacksonville’s departure from the district was just the beginning. Many in Maumelle and Sherwood also say they want districts of their own, which would leave the Pulaski County district an attenuated version of its former self, to put it generously.


Still, this is a blow to PCSSD in its halting crawl towards achieving unitary status. The millage today would have provided funding for new facilities, which is one of the major sticking points before the district can be released from federal court supervision. Now, with the state seemingly lacking the appetite for helping PCSSD with facilities, options are in short supply.