From the Daily Mail, new reporting on the counseling Josh Duggar was said to have received after molestation of young girls in his family’s home.

The clinic that Josh Duggar attended after his parents learned he had molested multiple young girls has been revealed as the Basic Life Principles Training Center.

The facility, in Little Rock, Arkansas, which offers faith-based healing has been criticized by some who have attended their programs and also come under fire after a scandal involving founder Bill Gothard.

Gothard was accused in 2014 of sexually harassing women who worked at his ministry, including teenagers, and not reporting cases of child abuse.

He was never convicted of any crimes, but resigned soon after these claims became public.

The center operates out of the old VA hospital on Roosevelt Road. We’ve written often about the center and Gothard’s connections to Little Rock, the Duggars and other politicians before. Such as here. Gothard’s outfit got the old VA building from the conservative Christian owners of the Hobby Lobby chain, famous in recent days for an important Supreme Court ruling in their favor over resistance to providing all birth control covered by Obamacare.