Here’s the Memorial Day open line. For your reading pleasure:

* RIGHT-WINGERS CALL BS ON MIKE HUCKABEE: Jennifer Rubin, a conservative columnist for the Washington Post, again today found Mike Huckabee pronouncements illogical and inaccurate. She highlights his confused and inaccurate answer when challenged on the supposed fallacy of Supreme Court supremacy in legal interpretation. Faced with the Little Rock school crisis, Huckabee turned the question and answer upside down. He also was caught — by Chris Wallace of Fox News, it’s worth noting — misrepresenting the Patriot Act. Gathering bulk phone numbers may be a bad thing, but nobody is listening in to phone calls, as Huckabee repeatedly suggests. Huckabee’s appeal seems to be narrowing to a highly defined target of aging, white, Southern homophobes. Yes, that might be enough to win the so-called SEC primary in states like Arkansas and the rest of the South.