Politico reports on new polling by Gallup that shows a tidal change that has produced a wide gap for pro-choice v. pro-life — 50-44 — in the abortion debate. It’s a reversal after seven years.

The more meaningful numbers, to me, apart from the identifier labels, are the specific viewpoints on abortion:

Now, forty-two percent of respondents said that abortions should be legal in either “most circumstances” or “under any circumstances,” while only 19 percent said that abortions should be illegal “in all circumstances.” A plurality, 36 percent, said the procedure should be legal “in only a few circumstances.”

More than half of respondents ages 55 and younger called themselves pro-choice, while only 47 percent of those 55 and older used the label.

These numbers are not much different from numbers produced by annual polling of Arkansas residents. But no need to tell that to your Arkansas legislator. With a few exceptions, they prefer to believe otherwise. See also: Public opinion on equal treatment under the law for women and  those of other sexual orientations. Inside Arkansas capitol: No. Outside Arkansas capitol: Yes.