New polling by Quinnipiac
shows no one yet breaking out of the growing pack of contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

There’s a five-way tie at the top — if you want to call it that, given that the five polled at 10 percent each. They included Mike Huckabee, whose organization is crowing about it, but it’s not much for someone who ran for the office before and comes with recent national exposure on the GOP’s official TV channel, Fox News, plus a syndicated radio show. Still, the numbers do show it’s anybody’s race at this point, with more entreating every day seems like.


The others in the top five: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson,

The poll showed Hillary Clinton with a lead from 4 to 18 points against all Republicans tested, with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio closest at a 4 percent gap. The fresh young face factor is a BIG deal, seems to me. Hillary Clinton’s been down that road once before, and now she’s eight years older.