The Human Rights Campaign cheers the end of a Texas legislative session and the defeat of 23 bills aimed at setting back the cause of LGBT people, including a couple endorsed by the recent Arkansas legislature.

While bills discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have passed in states such as Indiana, Arkansas and North Carolina this year, HRC worked alongside our coalition partners ACLU, Equality Texas, Texas Freedom Network to strategically, efficiently and effectively to block nearly two dozen similar bills from passing in Texas.

Well, Republicans have ALWAYS said Texas offered a better climate for business than Arkansas.

Bill defeated in Texas included anti-gay bills passed in Arkansas, with the governor’s acquiescence, to use religion as a pretext to discriminate and to prevent the adoption of local civil rights ordinances.

Meaner than Texas. Lower than that it doesn’t much get.


PS: They have us beat on guns, having just passed concealed carry on college campuses and making it clear that open carry is the law of the Lone Star state. Charlie and them should catch us up before long.