Keeping track of Mike Huckabee’s whoppers is just about a full-time job. Here’s Politifact, exploding Huckabee’s presidential campaign trail boast that Arkansas experienced incredible income growth during his time as governor.

The nub of it:


Huckabee says Arkansas income rose 50 percent during his time as governor from 1996 to 2007. Adjusted for inflation, the figure was, in effect, only about 20 percent. But that’s not the real problem. While Arkansas was going up 50 percent (actually 59 percent, Politifact said) in raw dollars, the whole of the United States was going up 62 percent — “…so what Huckabee is touting as something special is actually something that was below the national average.”

Below average. A fitting handle for the Huckster. Also this:


Because of the lack of adjustment for inflation and the way that state numbers compare to the national averages, Mike Huckabee’s claim rates MOSTLY FALSE on the Truth-O-Meter.