Another edition in the ongoing series on the price of celebrity. Here it’s exposure of a clip from an unreleased movie in which John Mark Huckabee, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s son, plays a Hollywood agent who utters some naughty words.

The clip and story are from the Daily Caller, which is somewhat interesting. It’s a rightwing operation, sort of a Fox News of print. Make what you wish from a story in that forum a bit negative toward Huckabee.


The clip was originally posted online by ProConEntertainment, which is operated by John Mark Huckabee. It was removed after the Daily Caller inquired. The same video channel hosts “Experience Israel with Governor Mike Huckabee,” the Daily Caller article said. The article said the film was never completed. It quotes from the clip.

“You got to have a thick skin,” the character played by John Mark Huckabee says to a female character in one scene, as he smokes a cigarette from behind a desk. “And a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.”

“Do you not think there’s not an A-list actor out there that’s never had to show some tit or suck a little dick to get a part?” the character says. “You know what I mean, sweet cheeks?”

That was good enough for a tie-in with the presidential candidate by Daily Caller.


But Huckabee has publicly spoken out against forms of entertainment he finds inappropriate. Earlier this year, the former Arkansas governor memorably criticized President Obama for letting his daughters listen to Beyonce, whose lyrics, he suggested, were not appropriate for children.

A stretch, I’d say. But it provides a bit of an update on other acting bits and cinematic activities of the younger Huckabee.