We’ve noted that Treasurer Dennis Milligan cost Saline County more than $360,000 in legal fees and settlements over his actions as circuit clerk in Saline County. The figures came to light after a Freedom of Information Act records request by Stu Soffer, a member of the Jefferson County Republican Committee, which has called for Milligan’s resignation. 

Today Soffer follows up with another missive, after a follow-up FOI request revealed, unsurprisingly, that no other Saline County official during Milligan’s time in office had racked up such a costly toll. 


As addendums go, this is a pretty minor note, but it does again highlight the intensity of distaste that some Arkansas Republicans have for the GOP state treasurer (a distaste that many prominent Republicans feel, but will generally only share off the record). 

Because the lawsuits were over Milligan’s actions as circuit clerk, the organization to which Saline County pays fees for a self-insurance program — the Central Arkansas Risk Management Association — has been responsible for providing legal representation and making settlement payments. Soffer suggested that Milligan’s shenanigans would end up costing the county long-term in terms of premiums for the program. Here is Soffer’s letter today, sent to media members: 


State Treasurer Dennis Milligan cost Saline County $361,666.90 in legal fees and settlements during his tenure as Circuit Clerk. While CARMA county paid insurance covered most of the expenses, there nevertheless had to be a premium impact on the county that will remain long after Milligan’s departure. Much like if someone has a couple of automobile accidents their auto insurance premium increases. I cannot help but wonder if CARMA treated Milligan the same as an auto insurance company would treat a reckless driver with a slew of traffic tickets.

Now as you can see from this latest FOIA response, Dennis Milligan holds the record for Saline County during his watch with NO OTHER ELECTED COUNTY OFFICIAL COSTING THE COUNTY IN EXCESS OF $50,000 in lawsuits, claims, etc.

Ronda Depriest v. Dennis Milligan, US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas is still open and ringing up legal fees. How much has he already cost Arkansas taxpayers in Arkansas Attorney General legal expenses?

Milligan won office as treasurer after attempting to extort his opponent in the GOP primary in a Krispy Kreme Donut shop. Since taking office, he illegally hired a cousin, had to get a waiver to hire an unqualified chief of staff, hired a legislator’s wife, ousted vendors with months to run on contracts to replace them with vendors of his choosing, gave out an office contract to the son of one of his top aids,  faced controversy over shady practices by his campaign workers, recently settled a lawsuit over the firing of an employee in a previous elected position in Saline County…and various other stuff. I can’t keep track.