A citizens group with the tersely descriptive name of Arkansas Term Limits is submitting the text of a ballot measure to the Attorney General today that would restore legislative term limits to those originally established in 1992: three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate.

House terms are two years, Senate terms are generally four (although that can get complicated because of reapportionment).


The measure would effectively rescind the loosening of term limits approved by voters in November 2014 as a part of Issue 3 (which became Amendment 94 after passage). Those changes allowed legislators to serve a total of 16 years in a legislative seat.

But as Arkansas Term Limits says, the text of the ballot measure was arguably misleading. It told voters that a vote for the issue would be “setting term limits,” without clarifying that “setting” in this case meant “making less restrictive.”


The group was formed in January 2014 to fight Issue 3. Here’s their press release from Wednesday:

Arkansas Term Limits Group to File New Term Limits Ballot Measure

Initiative Constitutional Amendment Will Restore Original Chamber Limits

[Little Rock, AR] Arkansas Term Limits, a citizens group, will submit a new ballot measure to the Arkansas Attorney General tomorrow seeking to restore the state legislative term limits of three two-year House terms and two four-year Senate terms enacted by voters back in 1992, along with a ten-year limit on overall legislative service.

Co-chairs Tim Jacob and Bob Porto will make brief statements and be available to answer questions in the lobby of the Tower Building at 323 Center Street in downtown Little Rock at 10:30 am tomorrow, after they will have submitted an initiative constitutional amendment with the office of the Attorney General.

WHEN: Thursday, June 11, 10:30 am

WHERE: Lobby of the Tower Building
323 Center Street in downtown Little Rock

WHAT: Arkansas Term Limits submits an initiative to restore term limits

Last year’s Issue 3 passed narrowly with ballot language that told voters the measure banned gifts and was “setting term limits” – and without informing voters that it weakened the state’s term-limit to allow 16 years in a legislative seat. If Arkansas Term Limits can gather the signatures of 84,860 registered voters, Arkansans will get the opportunity to restore meaningful term limits.

For more information, please call Bob Porto at (501) 529-0700.