Donald Trump always plays the media by pretending to run for president, but there’s a lot of reporting this week suggesting that it will really happen this time (and the betting markets seem to agree). 

The hilarity upside here is just astronomical. Remember, Fox News will only invite the top ten candidates base on polling averages to its key early debates. Trump, a reality television diva, has name recognition and a tiny following of batty devotees. He’d almost certainly crack the top ten ahead of more run-of-the-mill establishment candidates. And then…who knows! Trump’s id is a dumpster fire. Would he slap Jeb Bush in the face with his toupee? Would he reveal secret evidence that President Obama is a member of ISIS? Possible! 


From Bloomberg Politics:

Business executive Donald Trump appears poised to announce his entry into the presidential race on Tuesday and will travel to Iowa and New Hampshire immediately after making his intentions known, the Des Moines Register reports.

In Iowa, Trump plans an evening rally at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines. An invitation describing a “MAKE AMERIA (sic) GREAT RALLY” was sent to area residents, and gave further indication that Trump has made up his mind, the Register reported. 

Run, The Donald, Run! He makes his announcement Tuesday.