The ad hoc group working to pass a civil rights ordinance in Fayetteville that would include gay people among those protected against discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment has issued a reminder that the marriage ruling is only part of the discrimination gay people face.

Members of the “For Fayetteville” executive committee, the campaign to pass the Uniform Civil Rights Protection Ordinance, expressed their excitement about the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, but emphasized that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) community still has not achieved full equality.

“Today is a historic day for gay rights, but we still have a ways to go,” said Danielle Weatherby, spokesperson and legal expert for For Fayetteville. “In Fayetteville, those in the LGBT community still face discrimination and don’t have the protections we all enjoy. That’s why we’ve worked hard over the last few months to draft the Uniform Civil Rights Protection Ordinance in an inclusive way that all of us can support.”

“I couldn’t be more elated in the Supreme Court’s ruling, but I also agree with Danielle,” said Kyle Smith, For Fayetteville executive committee member. “I look forward to continuing our community’s discussion on LGBT equality as we work to pass this ordinance on September 8th. This new ordinance is not a cookie-cutter ordinance from the national gay lobby. It’s really a local effort that respects our communities of faith and the business community in Fayetteville.”