Many readers have commented on the column Sunday by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial page editor Paul Greenberg on the slaying 11 days earlier of nine people at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.  He expressed indifference to debate about the role of race in the event.

Perhaps next Sunday he’ll explain similar seeming indifference to the news at 9 a.m. Friday morning from the U.S. Supreme Court that same-sex couples had the right, even in Arkansas, to marry.

As yet, the topic hasn’t stirred D-G editorial writers.

The morning after, Saturday, the lead editorial: An obituary tribute to the man who invented the pink flamingo lawn ornament.


Sunday, the day of the newspaper’s broadest circulation: Another obituary tribute, to a historian who probed the Alger Hiss affair.

Monday,usually a non-event for newspapers and a good time for something to chew on: The lead editorial was on a decision 11 days ago by the Arkansas Supreme Court on  retroactive application of a U.S. Supreme Court decision holding mandatory life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional. 


Interesting choices. But, hey, it’s not like people have anywhere else to go for timely news and opinion other than monopoly daily newspapers. That’s why they are so robust these days.