Here’s the open line and video news roundup. ALSO:

* DUGGAR DOINGS: First, there’s more from In Touch, the weekly that has been breaking all the Duggar news. Seems Josh looked at stuff NSFW while working on a political campaign in 2004. And then there’s daddy Jim Bob Duggar turning up yesterday in Florida in a video and other coverage of the release from prison of creationist preacher Kent Hovind, who’d served time on federal tax charges. UPDATE: But wait, there’s more. This from the Daily Mail on Josh Duggar’s putative counseling back in the day.

* $3 MILLION MEGA MILLIONS WINNER: The Arkansas Lottery announced that Phyllis Roller of Beebe had purchased a $3 million Mega Millions ticket at the Doublebee’s in Beebe. She’ll give some to her church and buy some cattle for their farm, she said. About a third of the money was withheld for state and federal income taxes.  The state withheld $960,000 for state and federal income taxes.