BBC has a new website about civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and there’s a local angle. Dr. John Kirk, distinguished professor and history department chair at UALR and a frequent contributor to the Arkansas Times, collaborated on the project.


A UALR release quotes Kirk, a King scholar as well as a student of the civil rights movement generally:

“I supplied the scholarly knowledge and expertise, and the BBC people did an excellent job in designing the website and collecting visual materials, such as photographs and videos, from their extensive catalog,” Kirk said.

For Kirk, an internationally known King scholar, the assignment was a natural fit.

Kirk has written numerous books on King, and he has composed articles on the civil rights movement for BBC History Magazine. Kirk also acted as a consultant on an earlier Martin Luther King website produced by the network.

“This time, they wanted me to have a greater involvement in writing a more detailed and expansive website,” Kirk said.